Whatever you’ve determined as your fitness goals — and whatever you need to support them — our lion’s den awaits with workout packages tailored to make you the sinewy beast you seek to become. High-output cardio. Fast-flow plyometrics. Focused core work. All while bridging the gap between your physical conquests with newfound razor-sharp mental acuity. Gloves on or off, it’s time to roam through the jungles of technique and sweat hard while you do it, burning calories on your hunt toward transcendence, stopping only to slake your thirst as needed.


Group fitness for individuals! A fiercely energetic group training that will burn calories and tone your body. Proper techniques will be shared to get the most out of your class and ensure you have a fun workout. A mix of high-intensity boxing based classes, stretching and core work to reach your full potential and hit your fitness goals.


Private boxing lessons 1:1 with the trainer of your choice. With gloves and mitts, the instructor will lead you through a professional boxer workout sharing techniques used in the ring. Burn up to 1,000 calories an hour mixing boxing and body weight exercises in an intense 1:1 training session. 60 And 30 minute sessions available The first session is always free and we offer flexible options for classes including monthly memberships and punch cards. Punch cards are available on the MindBody app in 10 or 20 class packages. Drop by the studio for more information. Sign in and book a bag below!